A Tool of War Pakistan’s Agosta 90B Submarines deep in the Sea

Pakistan Navy’s sub-surface fleet was established in 1964 and since then it has performed the role assigned to it in an admirable manner. It also has the distinct honour of scoring the first kill (INS Khukri) from a submarine after the end of the Second World War.

The backbone of the current submarine fleet is the French-made Agosta 90B submarine — a diesel-electric submarine (SSK) — which is an improved version of the original Agosta 90, boasting higher performance and new combat systems.

Agosta 90B submarines, designed and manufactured by DCN (now DCNS) of France, are used by the Pakistani and Spanish Navy.

The French Navy, a former operator of the Agosta-class submarines, had grouped the Agosta-class as océanique, meaning “ocean-going.”

The Agosta 90B has been designated the ‘Khalid class’ in Pakistani service.

Three Agosta 90Bs were ordered in 1994, with the first constructed and assembled in France, while the second and third ones were assembled in Pakistan.

DCNS also gave Pakistan the licence to offer commercial production of the submarines to potential customers.

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Agosta 90b 1 Agosta 90b 2

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