Ababeel SSM MIRV Missile Technology and Specifications

The strategic forces of Pakistan, with the testing of the 2,200 kilometre range Ababeel ballistic missile, have achieved vital technological and deterrence capability with the introduction of a missile with multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle (MIRV) compatibility.

The Ababeel’s MIRV capability means it can carry multiple warheads, instead of a single payload. Hence, it is a single missile that provides the strategic capability of hitting multiple targets with a single launch. Such missiles greatly increase the potency of a country‚Äôs strategic nuclear arsenal.

Pakistan has become the seventh country in the world to now posses the technology, which was developed in the late ’60s by the Americans and Russians.

India first tested a MIRV capable missile in 2012, with the successful launch of the Agni-V. India conducted its second successful test in 2013. The tests conducted by India had offset the strategic strike balance in South Asia.

In order to maintain that balance, it had become vital for the Pakistani strategic forces to develop MIRV capable missiles.

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