Afghan Army Officer Bashed His Own Government

Afghan Army Officer Bashed His Own Government By Saying That Government Is Playing Politics Against Pakistan With The Help Of India. India cannot see a prosper Pakistan and spends million of dollars in terrorism and banned outfits to destabilize Pakistani economy.

Afghanistan is a play card for India. Every year Indian raw brings hundred of terrorists  from Afghanistan border Torkham to Pakistan. In this video the officer is saying the Pakistan is our brotherhood country and a nice neighbor.

Pakistan has reopened the Torkham crossing along its border with Afghanistan that had been closed following deadly clashes between the two sides.

The border was opened on Saturday morning, making way for thousands of trucks which had been piling up on both sides. The reopening follows talks a day earlier between Islamabad and Kabul.

 RAW tried to destabilize Pakistan and separate Baluchistan from it. In the mid 1980’s, RAW set up two covert groups, Counterintelligence Team-X (CIT-X) and Counterintelligence Team-J (CIT-J) against Pakistan.

The Torkham crossing is usually used by about 15,000 Afghans every day. Following the restrictions implemented by Pakistan earlier in June, it was closed to anyone who did not have a visa and a valid passport.

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