Afghan Forces again hit Pakistani Check Posts

Border clashes have resumed between security forces of Pakistan and Afghanistan after a short-lived ceasefire on Monday, officials said.

Overnight skirmishes killed at least one person wounded 18 others, according to officials, forcing around 200 Pakistani families to relocate to safer areas.

“Pakistan wanted to build new installations and Afghan border forces didn’t allow it.  Pakistan went further and fired towards Afghan forces,” Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah told a meeting of ministers in Kabul.

He confirmed the exchange of fire, which lasted seven hours, left one Afghan soldier dead and six others wounded.  The Pakistani side also suffered casualties at the Torkham crossing clash.

Abdullah insists bilateral understandings bind the two countries to seek mutual consent before constructing new installations near the border.

“The Afghan security and defense forces retaliated to safeguard the territorial integrity and defend the country and its people … armed forces are always ready to defend their country and people and to react against any kind of threats,” the Afghan Foreign Ministry said in a separate statement.

firing afghanistan and pakistan

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