Another Panama Leaks Show is Coming on 9th May

Pakistan continues to drift towards intense internal political confrontation, which, if not contained through accommodation, can unravel the current political order. Even if the current uncertainty persists for some months, it will adversely affect the federal government’s capacity to cope with internal security, extremism and terrorism-related issues. This is likely to increase distrust between the civil and the military, the signs of which can already be detected.

Time is the key to the outcome of the current political crisis. The longer it persists and more intense it becomes, the better for the opposition. It would be best for the PML-N government to curtail its tempo and find a way out soon. This argument conflicts with its current strategy of pushing for confrontation at every level, from the prime minister to the PML-N media drumbeaters, who think their verbal wrangling on TV will salvage the situation.

panama leaks

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