Baba Vanga’s All Predictions will be True

Baba Vanga was a women she died in 1996 and her all predictions were true till 2013. She was belong to Bulgaria and her famous predictions were about soviet submarine;s destruction, World Trade center and new World order in Arabian countries and all these predictions are true. She also predicted a black man will be president of United States of America. And Now Obama is the president of US. She said in her predictions, Europe will be destroyed in 2016 and millions of people will die. Muslims will get hold in European countries and Islam will Rule the World. Her future predictions are following.

  1. China will be World Super Power in 2018.
  2. Earth’s and Sun will have minor changes in 2023.
  3. In 2028 Human will find new source of Energy.
  4. Food shortage after 2028.
  5. Human will send mission to Mars
  6. Sea water will rises in 2033.
  7. In 2046 Muslims will control Europe
  8. In 2046 Humans will make artificial body part to control the deceases.
  9. In 2066 Famous Mosque (Masjid) will be destroyed and United States will use a new kind of weapon and after that the temperature of earth will fall down.
  10. In 2100 artificial Sun will rise and it will give shine to dark places of the earth.

Read in Urdu below.

Baba Vanga 1 Baba Vanga 2

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