Benazir Bhutto Helped India over Khalistan Movement

There are one few Pakistan leaders that Indian people remeber and respect whenever you ask them and one of them is Benazir Bhutto.The ending of Sikh militancy and the desire for a Khalistan catalysed when the then-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, handed all intelligence material concerning Punjab militancy to the Indian government, as a goodwill gesture to Rajiv gandhi govt. The Indian government used that intelligence to put an end to those who were behind attacks in India and militancy. However, sikhs around the world hate benazir and they think she stabbed in their back otherwise the Khalistan movement was a success.
In 1988, Lieutenant-General Hamid Gul met with Bhutto and advocated for a plan supporting the Khalistan movement, a Sikh nationalist movement. General Gul justified this strategy as the only way of preempting a fresh Indian threat to Pakistan’s territorial integrity.Bhutto disagreed with his views and asked him to stop playing this “card”. General Gul reportedly told the Prime minister that, “Madam’ Prime Minister, keeping [Indian] Punjab destabilized is equivalent… to the Pakistan Army…. having an extra division at no cost to the taxpayers…”.

I remember the old saying is that “ENEMY OF YOUR ENEMY IS YOUR FRIEND”. So why did Benazir did all that. Now RAW agenets are helping separatist movemments in Baluchistan but there is no one like Benazir in India to curb that

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