China Had Invented The Amazing Aircraft, Which Shocked India

China Had Invented The Amazing Aircraft, Which Makes India Cry.

ccording to The Daily Beast, the article spoke of a dark-painted aircraft that disappeared in the sky, much to the excitement of the test team watching from the ground. “A few hours after take-off, the task is complete,” reporter Qi Shengjun wrote, adding a literary flourish as he compared the test plane’s landing to the sheathing of a sword.

“When the ‘aircraft brake’ instruction is issued, this mission comes to a successful conclusion. The original anxiety and tension is instantly released—applause, laughter sounding in the control room.”

Apart from China Aviation News, the article was also reported by a Hong Kong newspaper called Ta Kung Pao, so it seems that a test flight did indeed occur.

Interestingly, Want China Times reported that Chinese state-owned aerospace and defence manufacturer Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) released a report on 18 September about something similar.

The report claimed that AVIC had completed an initial test flight of an unspecified high altitude, super-fast aircraft that had a “unique flying style”, but the report was also deleted by the time that the Want China Times article went live on 21 September.

Usually China is very happy to celebrate its technological triumphs over the West, but September marked a significant occasion – Chinese President Xi Jinping’s first official visit to the US. Still, the reason isn’t clear as to why China wouldn’t want the world to know that it succeeded in flying and landing an aircraft achieving speeds of Mach 5 – a feat that has been beyond the reach of scientists and aerospace engineers.

China-Had-Invented -he Amazing Aircraft, Which Shocked India

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