China to build state of the art Nuclear Unit K-3 at Karachi and Chashma

KARACHI: China and Pakistan are engaged in yet another state of the art project at the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant K3.

Construction is expected to start next month on the third unit at the K3 plant – the Karachi nuclear power plant using a reactor developed by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), the China Daily reported.

The plant is being built by CNNC using Hualong One, its own third-generation nuclear reactor design.

CNNC spokesman Pan Jianming said on Monday it is the second nuclear power project in Pakistan to use the Hualong One technology, after construction started at the K2 plant in August last year.

“Hualong One was developed based on very mature technologies and the project is going very smoothly. It will help ease power shortages in the Karachi region after completion,” Pan told a forum in Fuqing, Fujian Province, where the Hualong One pilot project is based.

China National Nuclear Power, a CNNC subsidiary, currently has 14 nuclear reactors in operation, with 11 under construction in China.

Pakistan has been denied the civil nuclear technology by the world however China has again proved to be Pakistan’s all weather friend which is ready to support Pakistan in every thick and thin.

Karachi Nuclear Power Plants K2 and K3 are at least 12 meters higher than the sea level and the greatest Tsunami alert for Karachi is almost 2.5 meters high sea waves.

However some anti national elements in disguise of NGOs are spreading false propaganda against the Karachi Nuclear Power plants.

China and Pakistan are also in harmony over blocking the Indian bid to enter in the Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG).

Pakistan China Nuclear deal

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