Chinese Jiangnan Copy of Mehran may arrive in Pakistan

Chinese Car making company Jiangnan introduced a copy of Suzuki Mehran in China. As Jiangnan want to introduce this car in Pakistan and price will be very reasonable but taxes in Pakistan becoming big threat for this cheap beauty car to arrive in the country where people love to use and drive cars like Mehran because this car is very cheap to maintain and maintenance cost is very low.

Company has released pictures of this car and features are very interested. We have mentioned all the features and price of Jiangnan Mehran below.

  • 800 CC Petrol Engine
  • 36 Horse Power Engine
  • AC
  • ABS Brakes
  • Trunk
  • Quality material used in Interior and Exterior as well
  • 3.3 Meters length and 1.3 Meters diameter
  • Manual and Automatic Transmission
  • Chromed exterior
  • Fuel avg more than 20km per liter
  • More quality than Suzuki Mehran

Jiangnan Mehran in Pakistan



Jiangnan Mehran in Pakistan

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