Chinese Military Surprised USA By Their Sophisticated Technology

Chinese Military Surprised USA By Their Sophisticated Technology.

China’s defense science, technology, and industrial base and supporting civilian and dual-use sectors are undergoing major changes as a result of the country’s economic reforms and integration with the global economy.

The nature, pace, and extent of this change varies widely across industries.

The ordnance, aviation, nuclear, and other legacy sectors face greater challenges because of historical burdens such as excessively large work forces, social welfare obligations, the dominance of state institutions, and obsolete plant equipment.

Newer industries like the information and communications technology, information security, and nano-technology sectors are at the forefront of China’s economic transformation and aspirations to become a global leader.

This project undertakes annual assessments of the development of critical components of China’s defense and dual-use economy to provide insights into the specific dynamics that shape the development of these diverse sectors.

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