COAS Raheel Ordered To Shoot Down US Drone In Future

COAS Raheel Ordered To Shoot Down US Drone In Future.

Pakistan’s General Raheel Sharif met on Friday with General John Nicholson, Commander of Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, and Ambassador Richard Olson, US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, stressing the setback the US-Pakistani relations suffered as a result of the attack.

“Expressing his serious concern on the US drone strike in Balochistan as a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty, the (army) chief highlighted as to how it had impacted the mutual trust and respect,” Raheel said, according to an Inter-Services Public Relations statement, Pakistan’s SAMAA news channel reported.

“All efforts for durable peace in the region have to be synergised with shared commitment and responsibility in order to make them successful,” the statement quoted Gen Raheel as telling the American leaders.

US is violating Pakistani borders but now it’s a time to show them we’re not sleeping. Pakistan is not your playground where you will come and bomb whenever you want. We are nuclear power with 20 crore of population. It’s Pakistan not Syria or labia.

IN2 COAS Ordered to shoot us drone

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