Correspondence reveals Afghanistan training terrorists against Pakistan

A correspondence prepared by the Punjab government’s Home department on Saturday revealed coordination among terrorists in Afghanistan and the various department of the country in order to carry out terrorist activities in Pakistan, reported Dunya News.

According to the correspondence, around 80-100 terrorists belonging to Jamaat-ul-Ahrar were trained in Afghanistan in order to carry out terrorist activities in Pakistan. Furthermore, it was brought to light that the terrorists were backed by the Afghan National Army and the government’s institutions.

It was also mentioned in the correspondence that the terrorists wanted to seek revenge over the exchange of fire carried out at the Pak-Afghan border but were barred from doing so by Pakistani agencies.

The correspondence was forwarded by Punjab government’s Home department to police officers in the entire province.

He said that a United States general also held India responsible for terrorism in Pakistan. Former US defense minister has dubbed India in the past as sponsor of terrorism in Pakistan, he added.

While talking about border management with Afghanistan, Zakaria said that the military and the government both are making efforts for effective measures in the matter. The purpose to manage border is to end infiltration of terrorists, he said.

The spokesperson informed that Afghanistan has agreed to effective border management.

Afghan army Terrorists

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