Dawn Leaks Issue more People will be arrested soon

Dawn Leaks issue once again rising after leaking a national security issue news by some PMLN Politicians Parvaiz Rasheed already resigned and many other will be arrested soon according to the media persons. Army Chief General Raheel Sharif and DG ISI Rizwan are angry on our politicians because they are against the army and our security agencies.

Chaudhry Nisar proclaims the matter of controversial story as a high profile case. He made it evident that words were put into the Secretary Foreign Affairs’ mouth in this matter and the whole matter was revealed in front of the whole world. Interior Minister also stated that Secretary Foreign Affairs didn’t even mention that Pakistan is alone inside the world community.

PML-N leader also revealed that the exchange of harsh words between civil and military leaders as was revealed in the controversial story is completely baseless. Nisar commented that there should be open investigations as the matter pertains to national security.

He let it be known that he had been part of these kinds of meeting for the last three and half year and always observed complete unanimity over non-state factors’ issue.


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