Did Balkan seer Baba Vanga foresee Brexit decades ago

Many decades ago, Baba Vanga, a visually- challenged prophetess from the Balkans, had said that in the year 2016 Europe will no longer be what we know it to be and would lose most of its population.

Sounds familiar? Well, according to Express.co.uk, Baba Vanga had predicted that Europe “will cease to exist in 2016” and will face so many catastrophes that it will become a “wasteland almost entirely devoid of any form of life”.

Britain’s referendum, that was held on Thursday, favoured an exit from the European Union and it seems that just might be the first step in the prophecy coming true.

BBC News reports that far-right parties of other member states of the European Union are also seeking a similar referendum. France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen has made demands that the French must be given a chance to choose their fate. At the same time, Dutch politician Geert Wilders is seeking a “Nexit” vote and Italy’s Northern League is also hoping for an exit. Sweden’s Democrats have taken to Twitter to express their desire for a ‘Swexit’.

After the Brexit vote, even Scotland and Northern Ireland are pondering over a possible breakaway from Britain.

If Brexit triggers a domino effect in Europe, me might soon be looking at a disintegration of the European Union. More importantly it will destroy the European integration that took seven decades to build after the Second World War, thereby fulfiling Baba Vanga’s prophecy.

Before you dismiss all this as mere claptrap, you must know that many of her other prophecies have come true.

According to DocumentaryTube.com, Baba Vanga, who died in 1996, foresaw the 9/11 attacks, Bulgaria’s turn towards Communism, the collapse of the Soviet Union and that the 44th US president will be black (read: Barack Obama).

Of course, Baba Vanga has only an 85 percent success rate — as her fans will tell you — so there’s still a slim possibility that Brexit won’t happen.

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