Failure of Nirbhay Cruise missile, India “test fires” a box standard Agni-5

As a face saving measure after the spectacular failure of Nirbhay Cruise missile, India “test fires” a box standard Agni-5.

Although Indians make tall claims about Agni-5 being the best in it’s category.The 50 Ton missile is the heaviest in the world for the range it can go. A Russian Missile of similar weight the Topol-M can reach 11000 Kilometers while weighing 47 Tons which is 3 tons less than India’s Agni . It’s another thing that Agni-5 has half the range at 5500 Km.
Agni-5 is actually an Agni-3 on which an extra stage has been mounted to increase range. Squeezing in a third stage in the triangular area on top of the missile which was meant for a warhead meant the warhead size had to be significantly reduced , effecting the blast yield which is now very less for an Agni-5 Warhead. May be in the range of 100-200 Kilotons.
The Black triangle on top of Agni-5 is the little space left for mounting the nuclear weapon and that much space is not enough for MIRV or multiple warheads as claimed by many Indian sources that Agni-5 is MIRV capable while it’s clearly not.

Pakistan has also reduced Warhead size on their missiles but maintained the blast yield. In fact Pakistan has demonstrated miniaturizing skills of nuclear weapons in the form of Nasr which carries a nuclear weapon half the size of a football.
India hasn’t demonstrated any such skills on any of their missiles. Their shortest range nuclear missile Prithvi still has to carry large one ton nuclear warhead.
Indian only in service cruise meiisle is a Russian-Indian private company joint venture which cannot be used for carrying Nuclear weapons due to international treaties such as MTCR.

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