Flying Cost of Burraq UAV made by Pakistan

As Pakistan is world’s 4th operator of armed drone or UAV in the world launched Burraq drone few months back during operation Zarb-e-Azab in Shawal Valley northern Pakistan and it successfully target three terrorist during the operation. The cost of Burraq UAV us very low to use in operations against terrorists in any area. If Pakistan use jet fighters like JF17 Thunders and American made F16s than it cost more than 1 Million PKR per hour.

But Burraq drone’s maintenance cost is very low as compared to above jet fighters currently operated by Pakistan Air Force. Cost of UAV per hour flying is only $1000 or one hundred thousand Pakistani Rupees. Pakistan is planning to manufacture hundreds of Burraq drones and use them in these operations and in wars to save the flying cost.

Burraq UAVburraq drone


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