Former Chief of the Army Staff General (R) Raheel Sharif warmly greeted at the Masjid-e-Nabwi

Former Chief of the Army Staff General (R) Raheel Sharif warmly greeted at the Masjid-e-Nabwi in the Holy city of Madinah.

Imagine people from other countries would be thinking who is this guy with so much protocol in such a divine place. Someone saying from behind he is the ex army chief of Pakistan. The impression will be amazing.

Hes the most respectable COAS in the history of Pakistan, people loves him, their attraction towards him is beyond limit.

General (retd) Raheel Sharif is in Saudi Arabia on a special invitation by Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

The armed forces rarely produce celebrities, especially those that nations can be proud of. Globally, after the likes of Marshal Tito, Churchill, Eisenhower and

De Gaulle there were few heroic members of the armed forces whom nations could look up to and admire. There were plenty of Duvaliers, Mobutus and Idi Amins

whom nations would much rather forget. Starting with Gen Ziaul Haq, we in Pakistan, also had a spate of forgettable heads of the much revered armed forces. The Pakistan Army has always held high

regard with the masses, but over the last few decades the people aspired for a leader whom we could truly be proud of, and in doing so, be proud once again of the institution we have always respected and loved so dearly.

In 2013, the country was overcast with a grim outlook for its future. Militancy in the northwest, renewed insurgency in Balochistan, political terrorism and an increasing crime rate in Pakistan’s economic hub, Karachi were issues to which there seemed no end in sight. With hostile threats gaining a foothold in various parts of the country, the future seemed ominous and formidable.

This hopelessness ended with the arrival of Gen (r) Raheel Sharif who would stop the onslaught of terrorism against our country. The man would be engraved in our history as the one who turned the tide when all seemed lost.

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