Hamza MCV 8×8 Combat Vehicle in Ideas 2016 Made in Pakistan

Pakistan will present its first Combat Vehicle Hamza MCV 8×8 in Ideas 2016. Pakistan has started manufacturing its own locally developed multi role combat vehicle name as Hamza MCV 8×8. This combat vehicle is totally developed and produced in Pakistan with local technology.

The vehicle has the capability of 15 tons of carrying capacity of load, a large windscreen offering excellent view and sight of the happening around, display through night camera, largest crew carrying capacity of 14 personals.

Four fuel gallons are attached on its rear side for carrying additional fuel.

The vehicle has hydraulic systems installed in it which offers easy to operate for driving.

HAMZA MCV 8×8 also assures highest survivability having protection package of Ballistic Protection STANAF 4589 Level-4 and anti-mine protection of STANAG 4589 Level-4B.



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