How a Pakistani Girl used Indian Officer to Get Air force Secrets

An Indian Air Force official allegedly passed on secret information to Pakistani spy agency the ISI after landing into a honey-trap.

All it took was a fake Facebook profile for a ‘UK-based woman’.

Sacked Indian Air Force (IAF) official Ranjith KK was on Monday arrested by Delhi Police’s Crime Branch from Punjab’s Bathinda city. Police sources revealed that the officer was honey-trapped by ISI agents, who created a fake profile for a woman by the name of Damini McNaught, who was claimed to be an executive at a UK-based media firm.

“The woman befriended the airman and started extracting information about the air force. The officer never knew that he was passing on information to the Pakistani agency. She started taking details from him online on the pretext of an article on the IAF. Ranjith shared information on a number of fighter jets and also details of each and every building at his air force station,” a senior police officer said.

For an article McNaught claimed that she required Air Force-related information for an article she was writing for their news magazine.

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