How Much Salary Does Raheel Sharif is Getting for Islamic Military Alliance?

After departing to Riyadh to join Islamic Military Alliance to lead 41 Islamic Countries to defend one question is rising for Raheel Sharif, how much salary or pay Raheel Sharif is getting from Saudi Arabia? According to the web desk and some known social media accounts Raheel Sharif is getting Rs: 6 Million to Rs: 8 Million from Saudi Government.

As Retired army chief Gen Raheel Sharif has left for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to head a 41-nation military alliance, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said on Friday.

Media reports suggested that the former chief of army staff was granted approval to serve as head of the alliance for three years.

A military source, while speaking to, said approval for Raheel Sharif’s departure had also been granted by General Headquarters Rawalpindi according to established procedures.

Geo News further reported that Sharif had departed for Riyadh earlier today on a special aircraft and was accompanied by his wife and mother on the flight.

It was not immediately clear if the government had discussed its decision with opposition parties, which recently expressed serious misgivings regarding the issue in light of the possibility that the alliance may be used against Iran.

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