Huge cache of weapons seized from Nine-zero in Karachi

Sindh Rangers raided Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) unit and sector offices in Karachi and recovered huge caches of weapons and ammunition buried underground.

KARACHI – Police on Wednesday morning seized the biggest ever cache of firearms in the history of Karachi hidden in an abandoned house in the vicinity of Nine Zero—sealed headquarters of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) in Karachi’s area of Azizabad. Additional IG, Mushtaq Mehar said the weapons were bought by the extortion money.

Speaking at press conference in Karachi, he announced the reward of Rs.10 Lacs for the squad who recovered the huge amount of weapons. Read More:

‘Zoo’ discovered inside MQM’s Sector office, most unexpected animals found The seized firearms recovered from the house located behind Lal Qila Ground and Khursheed Begam Memorial Hall includes over 300 anti-aircraft rocket-launchers and sub-machine guns. It includes anti-aircraft guns, anti-tank mine, Kalashnikov, 9mm, grenades, LMGs, SMGs, rifles and AK-47 and other explosives.





The weapons were hidden in out-of-use water tank. The number of recovered weapons is so huge that full-capacity

trucks were called in to transport them. Read More:

Weapons recovered from MQM offices; were to be used for terrorism and target killing According to the sources said the seized weapons were likely to be used for terrorism in the city.


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