I made the Nuclear Bomb not Nawaz Sharif Says Dr Abdul Qadeer

Pakistani nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan appreciated the efforts of former Prime Minister Shaheed ZulfikarAli Bhutto on Monday for providing the opportunity to make the nuclear program of Pakistan successful.     

Talking on Express News programme Front Line with Kamran Shahid, Dr Khan said that Pakistan’s nuclear program was totally indigenous, including nuclear material, extracted from Bagal-Chur.

Asked when Pakistan became capable of a nuclear explosion, Dr Khan said that in a letter dated December 10, 1984, he had written to then Pakistan president, General Ziaul Haq, that his department was ready to conduct a nuclear explosion at a week’s notice. However, he pointed out that it was not till Benazir Bhutto became Prime Minsiter that Pakistan started a delivery system programme (missile programme).

He said that Pakistan completed its nuclear program without the help of any foreign country.

Asked about American pressure, Dr Khan said that any intelligence estimates of the US were 10 years behind where Pakistan’s nuclear programme actually stood. “When CIA sent a letter saying we had crossed the five per cent threshold, we had made several bombs by then.”

Doctor abdul qadir khan

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