IAF Failed to attempt Highway Landing

Indian Air Force attempted landing or Highway which failed badly, In a cover up, IAF officer said the landings are always simulated and the jets don’t actually touch the road as the wheels would be damaged. One person was also injured while watching test landings.

But Indian claims that what happened was that the pilot flew in over Stockholm, made a 180 degree turn,
and flew into his own turbulence (similar to Mavericks Top Gun’s crash) and started to oscillate. As the pilot tried to correct with the stick, the computer got overloaded, and the RTOS did not provide enough cycles for the low level control loop keeping the plane stable.

SAAB knew that too much movement of the stick could cause this problem, but they assumed that this would never happen, so they never told the pilot. If the pilot had let go of the stick, the plane would have corrected itself.

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