India is going to build Military Academies in Afghanistan: Modi

India is going to build it;’s military academies in afghanistan to train their soldiers against pakistan. India is playing a filthy game against pakistan by sending hell bound TTP paid terrorists to pakistan. India is the biggest sponser of terrorism in Asia.

Pakistan now decided to fence the Durand Line. Its fencing was bound to be a red rag to the Afghans. Soon border skirmishes broke out. On June 13, heavy firing erupted at the Torkham Gate where the Pakistanis were building a huge gate to check entry of Afghan citizens. In the firing, two Afghan soldiers and a Pakistani Major were killed. Over 20 soldiers were wounded on both sides.

Pakistan rushed in its tanks and heavy guns to overawe the ANA (which just had small arms). Talks were started and firing stopped for the time being. No agreement, however, has been reached to resolve the crisis. Pakistan has expressed its determination to fence the Durand Line.

India is going to build Military Academies in Afghanistan Modi

India is going to complete these two missions. Pakistan must be ready for it. India is trying to destabilize Pakistan by increasing the hate and rubbish in Afghanistan people against Pakistan and sending their hell bound terrorists to Pakistan.


• It’s increasing Rapidly capacity building of the Afghan army, so that it has  a military edge over the Taliban and can defend its territory against Pakistan’s incursions.

• By Completing Chabahar-Zaranj-Delaram road and beltway via Iran. Till then, they will supply tanks, artillery guns, attack helicopters and trainer jets via Russia.

• Once the beltway opens up, it can supply large numbers of T-54/T-55 tanks and 105 mm field guns lying in their depot stocks and salvage yards.

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