India puts up sorry show against Pak Rangers in flag-retreat ceremony at Wagah

Flag-lowering ceremony held at Wagah border, a border that Pakistan shares with India, saw Indians maintain silence while over six feet tall, black-clad Pakistani Rangers boasted Pakistan’s moral in tensed relations and their march daunted the enemy.

Reportedly, the number count of Indians who visit the border to witness ceremonies like today’s plummeted and seats arranged in Indian enclosure were seen vacant against Pakistan’s crowded side.

Indian government has been pulling out of a quite a few things lately which, to name a couple include 19th SAARC Summit and now a ceremony at the border after an announcement was made earlier in the day that India would not take part today.

A ceremony that is conducted every evening by security personnel of both the sides was cancelled by India after claims of surgical strikes in Pakistani territory in the wee hours last night were proved false.

Exposing drama

It is a rare occassion for either of the two neighbours to cancel participation in any ceremony that is held at Wagah border however, today, a major drama of India was exposed by Pakistan which was put up under claims of carrying out surgical strikes inside Pakistan s territory last night.


The cancellation of the ceremony from Indian side came hours before it was to be held.

After Pakistan Army denied the claims with befitting response, Indian government called an emergency meeting on Friday, demanding participation of all the political parties to seemingly cook up another lie to cover for the covert mission that never happened.

National security experts have stated that the latest aggression seen by Indian government and the army was a nasty attempt to cater to anti-Pakistan sentiments that Indian population was stinking with.

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