Indian Media Crying on Islamic Military Alliance and Saudi Arabia

India is afraid of Raheel Sharif (Ex COAS Pakistan) becoming Commander-in-Chief of an Saudi-led 39-nation Islamic military alliance. The Islamic Military Alliance is an intergovernmental counter-terrorist alliance of countries in the Muslim world, united around military intervention against ISIL and other counter-terrorist activities.

THE hysterical debate over the appointment of formal Chief of Army Staff as head of the 39-nation Islamic military alliance necessitates critical examination of the subject. Realistically, the contemporary terrorist organizations have been indoctrinating and recruiting from various countries. These organizations have facilitators, networks and sanctuaries in almost all Muslim States.

The multinational traits of the terrorist syndicate makes impossible for an individual state to annihilate Al-Qaeda, Deash, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Islamic Jihad Union (IJU), TTP etc. alone. Thus, a collective security approach is imperative to protect the innocent Muslims from the brutality of radicalised transnational terrorist organizations.

According to the published information the Islamic Military Alliance primary objective is to eliminate the terrorist organizations, which have been undermining the national security of the Islamic states. The membership of the alliance reveals that the parties to the alliance are not against any state and sect or ideology. That’s why; Azerbaijan (85% of Azerbaijani Muslims profess Shia Islam while 15% are Sunni Muslims) is party to the alliance. So joining an alliance against terrorist groups neither create sectarian divided externally nor internally. On April 7, 2017, National Security Advisor Lt Gen Nasser Khan Janjua (Retd) pointed out: “The former COAS is not going as a Sunni army chief. He has good relations with Iran too.” Thus, branding alliance a Sunni alliance is an attempt to create sectarian polarization within the Pakistani society.

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