Indian Navy Submarine Detected in Pakistani Sea, Forced Back

In order to divert attention from the indigenous freedom movement in Indian Occupied Kashmir, India has persistently embarked upon a series of provocative actions against Pakistan. While Indian Army continues to undertake serious Cease Fire Violations along LOC and Working Boundary, Indian Navy has also deceitfully deployed its Submarines against Pakistan with ulterior motives.

According to Defense Pakistan correspondent from Islamabad, Pakistan Navy once again proved its vigilance and operational competence by detecting and blocking an Indian Submarine from entering in Pakistani waters. The unsuspecting Submarine was detected and localized South of Pakistani coast on 14 Nov 16. Thereafter, despite submarine’s desperate efforts to escape detection, it was continuously tracked by Pakistan Navy Fleet units and pushed well clear of our waters.

India’s attempt to keep its submarine secret was foiled by Pakistan Navy, which is fully ready to respond to any aggression by the enemy, he added.

The spokesperson further said that India is trying to station its submarines in Pakistani waters.

According to Commodore (Retd) Syed M Obaidullah, the submarine was a Type 209 which is one of the most lethal submarines in today’s world. He added that the submarine was headed toward Balochistan coast.

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