Indian RAW New Operation In Pakistan To Divert Attention From Kashmir

Indian RAW New Operation In Pakistan To Divert Attention From Kashmir. Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is involved in various terrorist activities across Pakistan.

Now, there’s a new sting operation of RAW in Pakistan to divert attention of Pakistan from the Kashmir.

Since the 1990s, more than 68,000 people have been killed in Kashmir’s uprising against Indian rule and the subsequent Indian military crackdown.


On Friday, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif vowed that his country would continue extending political, moral, and diplomatic support to Kashmiris.

He urged his countrymen to observe a “black day” on Tuesday to express solidarity with “Kashmiris who are facing atrocities at the hands of Indian forces”.


In a statement released by Sharif’s office, the prime minister said a joint meeting of the National Assembly and the Senate would be convened to discuss Kashmir.

In New Delhi, India’s Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup asked Pakistan to desist from interfering in India’s internal affairs and destabilising the situation in South Asia through the support of “terrorism” and other subversive acts.

Indian Army is brutally killing Kashmirs.

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