Indian Tejas Will take more time to Protect Indian Skies

Indian Tejas project was started too early as compared to Pakistan and China made JF-17 Thunder aircraft to build it on domestic level as saving cost and time is more important thing to countries like Pakistan who spend billions of rupees each year to protect their borders. As India as a biggest enemy of Pakistan no doubt our people live in hunger due to increase in defense budget each year.

Some of the modifications that IAF has to make on the Tejas include pushing back the cockpit panels by few centimeters to prevent the toes of an ejecting pilot from getting entangled with instruments and aides and adding another 60 centimeters in length to the aircraft body to allow easy access and replacements of critical circuitry.  Apart from these critical changes, the IAF and State-run Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) are in the process of shaving off about 550 kilograms from the aircraft, making it lighter and adding more power to it.

Indian Tejas will take more time to fly

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