Is Donald Trump Born in Pakistan? Height of stupidity

It’s the reality, not a reality show. Donald Trump has won the US Presidential election 2016. Most of the world is reacting in shock and disbelief. People are panicked over the uncertainty that President Trump would bring. He has never held a public office before. Amid all this, a Pakistani TV channel has scaled new heights of craziness. According to a prime time report that aired on Neo News, the US President-elect Donald Trump was born in Pakistan.

Donald Trump’s real name was ‘Dawood Ibrahim Khan’

Apparently, the channel took some satiric comments on social media a bit too seriously. The presenter maintained an enthusiastic tone throughout the broadcast as if it were true. The report went on to say that Donald Trump’s real name was “Dawood Ibrahim Khan.” He received his initial education at a Madrasa in Waziristan. His parents died in a road accident in 1954, claims the report.

After that, a British Indian Army captain took Dawood Ibrahim Khan aka Donald Trump to London. He was adopted by the Trump family in 1955. As if this wasn’t already absurd enough, Neo News even found a picture from Trump’s childhood in Pakistan. The TV channel does clarify that it took the report from comments on the social media.

Based on official records, Trump was born in New York on June 14, 1946 to Mary Trump and Fred Trump. He launched a real estate business with his father after graduating from college.

Note: Social Media claim is totally height of stupidity and lies. These news are not true that Donald Trump is born in Pakistan or he has any relation with Pakistan.


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