Is India so weak to always complain against Pakistan?

Retaining the culture of crying wolf, a trait of Congress, India has been acting hopelessly, despite successful surgical operations, in responding to the ceasefire violations and unprovoked shelling on Line of Control and parts of International Border, especially in Gurdaspur.

The intermittent firing from across the border has forced the dwellers in forward areas to abandon their homes and hearths, especially in this crucial season of harvesting. Instead of challenging the enemy, whose bluff of nuke blackmail stands exploded, India is looking towards rest of the world with evidence. And, the nation’s pathetic position is evident from the fact that the comity of nations is dismissing Indian concerns as idiomatic ‘wolf, wolf’.

New Delhi has reduced its brave and bold initiative of crossing the LoC as mockery by not showcasing how the valiant commandos, supported by infantry, crossed over the other side and caused havoc to the enemy. Pakistan has been denying, and even mocking, the surgical operation, saying nothing of the sort even happened. They play smart by taking foreign media corps to unknown areas to substantiate their point of Indian claim of operations.

United Nations Observers Group (UNOG) readily comes to their rescue in saying that nothing of the sort was observed on LoC which India is ‘bragging upon’. Even some Indian politicians like Arvind Kejriwal of AAP and Sanjay Nirupam of Congress tend to disbelieve their own armed forces. To the extent of criticizing political adversary BJP, it would have been alright but bringing the army into their murky politics is something the nation should worry about.

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