ISI Behind the Dark and Operation Capabilities

SI (Pakistan premier Intelligence Agency) is operationally responsible for providing critical assessment on the national security and analyzing intelligence of the enemy operating both in and outside of war zones. The ISI facilitates dominance in the information warfare for SSG, SSW & SSGN which permits successful execution of operations.

ISI directorate uses intel to anticipate the battle and visualize the full spectrum of the Ops, particularly with regard to the Adversary’s forces and their capabilities. It also provides battlefield-intelligence, identifies the target for the PAF and will have surveillance assets in peacetime, wartime and in crisis operations.

ISI is one of the best and very well organized intelligence agency in the world. It was founded in 1948. In 1950 it was officially given the task to safe guard Pakistani interests and national security inside and outside the country.Its primery objectives are not only to safeguard Pakistani interests, but also, reinforcing Pakistan’s power base in the region.

The ISI is tasked with collection of of foreign and domestic intelligence; co-ordination of intelligence functions of the three military services; surveillance over its cadre, foreigners, the media, politically active segments of Pakistani society, diplomats of other countries accredited to Pakistan and Pakistani diplomats serving outside the country; the interception and monitoring of communications; and the conduct of covert offensive and wartime operations. Functions of the ISI include gathering foreign and domestic intelligence and synchronizing the intelligence of the military services. The agency maintains surveillance of foreign diplomats in Pakistan, Pakistani diplomats abroad, and politically active members of Pakistani society. It monitors its own staff, the media and foreigners. It tracks and intercepts communications and engages in covert offensive operations.

ISI is headquartered in Islamabad and works under a Director General, a serving Lieutenant General of the Pakistan Army. There are three Deputy Director Generals-designated DDG (Political), DDG (External) and DDG (General). The ISI is staffed mainly by personnel deputed from the police, para-military forces and some specialized units of the Army. There are over 25,000 active men on its staff. This figure does not include informants and assets. It is organized into six to eight divisions .

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