ISI Is The Most Advance Intelligence Agency, 10 Facts

ISI Is The Most Advance Intelligence Agency, 10 Facts.

Inter Services Intelligence ISI is premier intelligence agency of Pakistan. Formed in 1948 by General Robert Cawthome and presently headed by Lieutenant-General Rizwan Akhtar. ISI has played a vital role in protecting Pakistan against many challenges including terrorism. Here I will List some interesting facts about Inter Services Intelligence(ISI).

ISI is ranked the NO 1 intelligence agency by US Crime News. It is also know throughout the world for its professionalism and strong intelligence network. ISI has intercepted hundreds of terrorist attack before they could be executed.

ISI proudly hold distinction of having zero double agent rate. It is also proud of his officers who at the sake of their life did not reveal any thing to hostile enemies. Examples include Col. Imam and Khalid Khawja.

ISI supported Kashmir’s throughout their struggle for freedom. In 1987 It achieved a large success. ISI launched Operation Taupac. ISI gave huge financial and arm support to freedom fighters. The rebellion rose to its peak. Indian Army has launched huge operation. Thousands of Kashmirs were killed and imprisoned.

ISI is considered largest intelligence agency in World in terms of its staff and agents throughout the World.

ISI CIA World top and most powerful intelligence agencies with mutual coordination launched operation Cyclone in Afghanistan to fail the invasion of USSR. It continued from 1979-1988. US provided 8 billion Dollars for its support. ISI actually executed the plan. Pakistan gave training and arm support to Afghan Mujahdeen to fight for their freedom. It was very successful for the time being. No one knew that it will bring worst consequence in later time to come.

ISI headquarter is in Islamabad. It consist of adobe(made with mixture of mud dried in sun) buildings separated by lawn. Declan Walsh of The Guardian said that the entrance is “suitably discreet: no sign, just a plainclothes officer packing a pistol who direct visitors through a chicane of barriers, soldiers and sniffer dogs. Walsh said that the complex “resembles a well-funded private university” and that the buildings are “neatly tended,” the lawns are “smooth,” and the fountains are “tinkling.” He described the central building, which houses the director general’s office on the top floor, as “a modern structure with a round, echoing lobby.

Moassad Israel Premier Intelligence Agency and R&AW with their mutual understanding planned a mission to damage Pakistan’s plan for Nuclear bomb testing. Few fighter jet of Israel flew to Pathankot. They were ready for execution. Pakistan planned its own security plan. Pakistan initially marked many places for testing. Later Chagi was finalized. C-130 transport planes of Pakistan Air Force were used for transportation of equipment. Each plane was guarded by 6 newly acquired F-16. In this way ISI made Nuclear testing successful.

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