ISPR New Song ‘Ae Watan Tera Bhala Ho’

ISPR New Song ‘Ae Watan Tera Bhala Ho’.

ISPR released Special milli Nagma for Independence Day ‘Ae Watan Tera Bhala Ho’

The Inter-Services Public Relations  is the media wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces which broadcasts and coordinates military news and information to the country’s civilian media and the civic society.

The ISPR directorate serves the purpose of aiming to strengthen public relations with the civic society, through interacting with the media.

The directorate also works as the principle voice of the Pakistan’s military, with its director-general serving as the official spokesperson of the armed forces. In addition, the ISPR provides fund, productions, and assists with the military fiction franchise– both military dramas and the war films.

The ISPR directorate is staffed with combined personnel of Pakistan’s unified military along with civilian bureaucrats and officials. The ISPR functioned at the JS HQ and responsible for garnering national support for the armed forces as well as strengthen their resolve to accomplish the assigned mission while undermining the will of the adversary.

It also acts as an interface between the armed forces, the media and the public.It formulates much of the media policy of Pakistan’s military, safeguards the armed forces from negative influenc es and monitors both international and domestic media.

It is likely that the army is planning the further expansion of ISPR to counter negative propaganda against the state and armed forces by international powers and their funded domestic media campaigns, in ongoing operation against terror outfits and economic terrorism.

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