Israel to Strengthen India’s Border Surveillance

India wants to acquire Israel’s foliage penetrating radar for surveillance in dense forests of Kashmir valley.

Israel has proposed strengthening the Indian border with its state of the art technology.

Sources told to Sputnik that Ajit Doval, India’s National Security Advisor, had cleared the way for this acquisition and a team of Border Security Force had discussed the plan in Israel last month.

Both the countries are engaged in talks related to border fencing, starting in November 2014 when Rajnath Singh, India’s Minister of Home Affairs, visited Israel.

During his trip, Singh visited one of the border outposts in Gaza. From beginning of this July, equipment like highly sensitive censors and cameras had been put in place along Line of Control which divides India and Pakistan.


Israeli ambassador to India Daniel Carmon says, “Israel has the expertise (border fencing), because it has been under threat. We (India and Israel) do share similar challenges.

We have the solutions. We can work together on the solution. We have shown in other areas that we can cooperate and this might and should be the case here as well.”

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