Lavish Welcome of Asifa butto’s Cats at Lahore

Cats of Asifa Bhutto, daughter of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, on arriving in Lahore received a sumptuous welcome. Four days ago, the cats of Asifa on boarding an airplane arrived in Lahore from Karachi. The pets were taken to Bilawal House where they lavishly spent time. Trained staffers have also been appointed for pampering the endeared cats while the cats were also given a farewell visit of Bilawal House in Lahore on a car.

In this occasion, strict security arrangements were ensured. Earlier on Monday, Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durani announced that a beauty parlour and men’s saloon will be built for the members of the assembly inside the premises of the residential complex of the assembly. Members of assembly reacted by saying that children are starving to death in Tharparkar while the government is planning to waste money.

The ground breaking ceremony of the parking area took place in the Sindh Assembly where speaker Durrani did not hesitate in throwing interesting sentences.

During his speech he said that on the demand of member assembly Nusrat Seher Abbasi a beauty parlour and men s saloon will be built in the members residential complex.

asifa cats

Asifa bhutto's cats

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