Letter of Martyred Cadet of Quetta Incident To The Rulers

“Who is hiding under the charpoy?’ Capt Roohullah shouted out. His words still ring in my ears,” recalled Abdullah Khan, one of hundreds of recruits who was trapped inside Quetta’s police training academy as three heavily-armed suicide-vest-strapped gunmen stormed the building on Monday night.

As gunfire raged on outside the barracks, Abdullah and a group of his fellow recruits were huddled under charpoys in the darkness waiting to be rescued.

At least 60 people lost their lives and over a hundred were wounded in what is now being called one of the deadliest militant attacks this year.

“A suicide bomber had entered our room and was also hiding under a charpoy. We didn’t know because it was totally dark and silent,” the injured recruit said. All of a sudden, Capt Roohullah barreled his way into the barracks. He asked, ‘Are you our people?’ He kept asking us the same thing over and over,” said Abdullah. “He had a light in front of his weapon,” he said, which made him indistinguishable.


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