Ludo Star Game and your Privacy

Ludo Star Game is one of the famous and trending android and iOS game in the world in 2017 and millions of people play each today.

The game is available in Google Play Store with 4.7 Rating out of 5. Millions of Pakistani and other people plays around the world.

But there is a big privacy glitch in the game may lead you to send your data anonymously to the people who are behind this game.

You are not safe after installing this game. Your personal data like contacts, social profile, passwords, pictures and videos are not safe and this application is stealing your data without telling you.

Beware of installing this game in your smartphone.

Created by Indian game developers Gameberry Labs, the game offers the same thrill the original board game gives.Using the same coloured houses, single dice and similar dynamics as the board game, the game is easy to play and connects well with friends.


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