Modi Convincing Obama to restrict Pakistan Nuclear Weapons

Diplomatic source has revealed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to convince Barack Obama to impose restrictions on Pakistan’s nuclear programme, Dunya News reported Thursday.

Modi and United States President met seven times within a span of two years and according to sources, the Indian Prime Minister attempted to sabotage Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal by convincing Obama to impose restrictions.

While answering a question, the diplomatic source said that despite help that India is getting from Israel and United States to better its nukes and defense capability, it fears Pakistan’s capability.

According to a report, Pakistan has established four reactors in a decade which are producing plutonium used in 25 kilogram to 30 kilogram weapons which is around four percent more than India’s production.

Pakistan is producing 14 to 27 nuclear weapons every year, according to the report.

Pakistan has over 120 nuclear weapons in comparison to Indian’s 110 in total.

Experts have said that coercive methods are not the answer to stop Pakistan’s nuclear programme thus Modi is using the only option he has which is to increase pressure on Pakistan through United States.

Besides big warheads, small nuclear weapons add immensely to the margin with which Pakistan beats India’s total, the report states.

But off course, the aforementioned number of warheads and other nuclear weapons add to the conjecture that surrounds the capabilities of different states.

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