MQM Politician Uploaded A Bogus & Dis-Informative Video Against Rangers

This MQM politician uploaded a bogus & dis informative video to show the “alleged atrocities” of the Rangers against the na maloom afraad. The only problem with the video was that the alleged abusers were not Rangers, not even close. Then she deleted the video while (wait for it) claiming moral high ground that she “didn’t wanna spread hatred”. In other words she did not have the intellectual honesty to admit let’s just say a ” mistake” ? Nope. Let’s give a good tip to her for her future disinformation attempts. The uniform Rangers put on is called “Desert Chocolate Chip Camouflage”. Google it & maybe your friends across the eastern border can arrange some of those uniforms for your future videos showing Rangers beating up your innocent bhatta khors & target killers. Best Regards & good luck with future productions. Source Pakistan Defense. Watch Screenshot And Video Below.


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