NBP installed the world’s highest ATM at Khunjerab Pass at 15500 Feet

NBP installed the world’s highest ATM at Khunjerab Pass at 15500 Feet

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has an taken an unusual step of installing an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at the Khunjerab Top near the Sino-Pak border. At an elevation of more than 4600 meters, it is said to be the “highest ATM point of the world”

National Bank of Pakistan has transformed itself completely from being a Public Sector bank to a Commercial sector Bank. But since then it has been constantly criticized for its inefficient working environment and careless attitude towards customers. Being one of the oldest banks of Pakistan, NBP has evolved over the course of time, expanding its operations and range of services in Pakistan. It is also known for its affiliations and sponsorship of various sports events.

After the news of this ATM in Gilgit-Balistan hit the social media, people were not exactly thrilled by it but they actually went quite hard on the Bank. Some people asked them to improve the conditions of their existing ATM points, some people complained about poor services and others were concerned about the commercialization of the area.



Just a month ago, the president of National Bank was reprimanded over the increasing number of complaints received against its management by the National Assembly’s standing Committee on Finance. The committee fumed over their disappointing performance and non professional attitude. Not only that, but about 150 Parliamentarians also complained against their poor performance.

With this ATM, National Bank of Pakistan is all set to register its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest ATM point anywhere in the world. Previously, UTI’s (now Axis Bank) ATM point near the Indo-China Border at Sikkim was the highest until now.

The ATM is set to be inaugurated next week making it their 1281 branch. Although, the local people are worried that this step taken by NBP could easily lay the foundation of commercialization of their wildlife parks and forest. But it could also help foreigners and tourists in journeys.

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