North Korea Successfully Tested Thermonuclear Bomb

North Korea Successfully tested Thermonuclear bomb after nuclear bomb. All other countries like Japan, South Korea and United states are in shock. Kim Jong-un announced the hydrogen bomb test in a handwritten note that was broadcast on state television, it has emerged.”Let’s begin the year of 2016 … with the thrilling sound of our first hydrogen bomb explosion, so that the whole world will look up to our socialist, nuclear-armed republic and the great Workers’ Party of Korea!” Kim wrote in a message next to his signature.The news was broadcast on state television, which also showed a copy of Kim’s initial signed order dated December 15. The television also showed a second order dated January 3 in which Kim signed off his final approval for the test to be conducted on January 6, AFP reported.

North Korea says it has successfully carried out an underground hydrogen bomb test which, if confirmed, would be its fourth nuclear test since 2006.

This is North Korea’s first claim to have tested a hydrogen bomb, which is more powerful than an atomic weapon.

International experts say there is no confirmation of this yet.

But the announcement was swiftly criticised by world leaders, with South Korea calling it “a grave provocation to our national security”.

October 2002: North Korea first acknowledges it has a secret nuclear weapons programme

October 2006: The first of three underground nuclear explosions is announced, at a test site called Punggye-ri

May 2009: A month after walking out of international talks on its nuclear programme, North Korea carries out its second underground nuclear test

February 2013: A third nuclear test takes place using what state media calls a “miniaturised and lighter nuclear device”

May 2015: Pyongyang claims to have tested a submarine-launched missile, which are more difficult to detect than conventional devices

January 2016: North Korea says it has successfully tested a hydrogen bomb

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thermonuclear test by north korea

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