One Million years Old Elephant’s Fossil Discovered in Gujrat

Pakistan SSP News: More than one million year old elephant’s fossils have been discovered in Gujrat in Punjab a province of Pakistan.  The Punjab University’s zoology department has claimed to have discovered the skull of a female elephant that lived almost 1.1 million years ago in an area which is now part of the Gujrat district. Syed Ghayoor Abbas, who has been carrying out research in the region for his PhD thesis, told reporters on Saturday: “The discovery will help scientists understand the genetic, hereditary and evolutionary features of the species.”

The scientific name of the elephant is “Stegodon”. The skull weighs 120 kilograms.

“We have found fossils of other animals like deer, pigs and rhinos in the area during excavation,” Mr Abbas said, adding these finds had helped him with his thesis. According to him, he spent two days to unearth and preserve the skull.

gujrat fossil of elephant

Elephant skull 1 million year old Fossil of elephant in gujrat

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