Pak Russia gas Pipeline and MI 35 Helicopters

akistan’s two-billion-dollar LNG pipeline project has hit a snag with Washington slapping a set of sanctions on the Russian firm designated to work on the scheme.

Earlier, Pakistan was unable to execute the Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline project because of sanctions slapped on Tehran by the United States and the European Union.

Karachi to Lahore pipeline: Pakistan, Russia seal $2 billion energy deal

The Russian government had signed a deal with the Pakistani administration to lay a $2bn North South Pipeline from Karachi to Lahore to transport imported LNG, nominating the firm RT Global Resources (RTGR) to execute the project. Russian President Vladimir Putin was to visit Pakistan to perform the ground-breaking ceremony of the project.

Pakistan and Russia recently signed a landmark defence deal for the purchase of Mi-35M (NATO reporting name Hind-E) helicopters — a versatile helicopter gunship with troop carrying capabilities.

The Mi-35M is a comprehensive upgrade of the Mi-24V, and brings to the battlefield a whole range of capabilities. Produced by Rostvertol, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters, it is offered as an export variant of the Mi-24.

Primarily designed for attack missions, and a secondary capability enabling military transport missions, the helicopter delivers superior flight performance characteristics and manoeuvrability when compared to its predecessors.

The famous Mi-24, made its name by instilling the fear of God in every adversary that faced it on the battlefield. It is also easy and cheap to maintain, a critical consideration for combat aircraft.

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