Pakistan Achieves big Milestone in Missile Defense System

According to a report submitted to US Senate by their National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) , the actual range of Pakistan’s Shaheen-3 missile is 5000 Km. The organization has access to long range radars and plethora of spy satellites with the added bonus of having experience of building missiles since 1950s,so their data and statement is as credible as it gets.
Pakistan is deliberately firing the missile at a lower range of 2750 Kilometres.
The reason of keeping the range lower is to have a higher speed. The fuel which could carry the missile to greater distance, is being used in giving the missile a higher velocity, specially when it re-enters the atmosphere.

The missile was successfully test-fired into the Arabian Sea on Monday, March 9, 2015, according to the Strategic Plans Division (SPD) which oversees Pakistan’s nuclear program. Announcing the result, General Zubair Mahmood Hayat, the head of SPD, congratulated NESCOM (National Engineering and Scientific Commission) scientists and engineers for “achieving yet another milestone of historic significance.”
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Shaheen-III is the latest in the series of the indigenously produced Shaheen-I and Shaheen-II, which had shorter ranges. “The test launch was aimed at validating various design and technical parameters of the weapon system at maximum range,” the Pakistani military said in a statement. Pakistani military leaders are trying to maintain a“credible deterrence” as arch-rival India continues to invest heavily in military hardware.

Since the technology used in satellite launch vehicles (SLV) is virtually identical to that used in a ballistic missile, Shaheen 3, the latest enhancement to Shaheen series of missiles, is expected to boost Pakistan’s space program as well. Several nations, including India and Israel recently, have used same rocket motors for both ballistic missiles and satellite launch vehicles (SLVs). Israel’s Shavit SLV and India’s SLV-3 are examples of it.

The success of Shaheen 3 multi-stage solid-fueled ballistic missile is a confirmation of Pakistan’s determination to ensure its security AND to pursue its space ambitions at the same time. I congratulate Pakistani engineers and scientists at NESCOM on their hard work, continuing deep commitment and the latest achievement.

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