Pakistan Airport Security Received 5 Dragoon APC

Pakistan Airport Security Received 5 Dragoon AP Manufactured By HIT Taxila Pakistan. It’s one of the latest and modern APC in the world. It’s used by ground troops for reinforcement and for many other purposes.

The Dragoon AFV is a specially designed multi-purpose fighting vehicle offering high firepower with upto 90 mm weapon systems caliber, as well as high protection levels and outstanding mobility.

The vehicle can be easily converted into any configuration due to its modular weapon interface design and quick add-on protection kit installation.

The Dragoon 2 AFV offers excellent mobility in all conditions due to its heavy duty off-road suspension design, high power-to-weight ratio and amphibious capability.
Pakistan Airport Security Recieved 5 Dragoon APC
The Dragoon is reliable, simple to operate and provides for quick and easy service and maintenance through many vehicle features, including its “power pack” design which allows easy field removal and replacement in less than one hour by mechanics, with no loss of any fluids.

In addition, the vehicle has a high commonality with current M113 APCs in use world over while using the same engine and electrical parts.

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