Pakistan Army destroyed Indian Check Posts along LoC

Nafeez Zakaria Pakistani foreign minister claimed that the census workers were on the Pakistani side when attacked, General Abdul Raziq, police chief in Kandahar province said that the census was being used to hide crossing of militants from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Kabul claims the villages are part of the war-torn country’s Spin Boldak district, an assertion Pakistan flatly denies.

Asif warned that Pakistan would respond “fittingly” to Afghanistan if any further violations were committed along the border.

The cross-border Afghan fire killed at least 12 Pakistanis and wounded more than 40 others, including civilians and security forces, provoking Pakistan’s retaliation, Anjum noted. On Saturday, Pakistani and Afghan authorities mooted over the control of the areas, Killi Luqman and Killi Jahangir, affected during firing and shelling by the Afghan forces on Friday, which ended in a stalemate.

An Afghan envoy on Monday contradicted Pakistani military claims it killed as many as 50 Afghan soldiers during a recent deadly border feud and slammed the jingoistic tone of Pakistani media that “celebrated” the killings.

Lieutenant General Amir Riaz, the commander of Pakistan’s Southern Command, said Islamabad had no other choice but to destroy the checkpoints after Afghan forces, based on a “foolish mistake”, attempted to enter Pakistan.

Talking to a TV channel, Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said that the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan was internationally recognised border, and its management was vital to control terrorism.

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