Pakistan Army has installed High Intensity Cameras on Indian Border

The Border Security Force (BSF) on Saturday held a flag meeting with Pakistan Rangers and expressed its concern over installing of cameras in large numbers at the Pakistan border areas. It also handed over a protest note. The Pakistani counterparts assured BSF to remove the spy cameras soon. In Barmer sector also the BSF gave protest notes to Pakistan Rangers for two different locations. A few days ago Pakistan Rangers had installed a camera in Punjab sector too and removed it after BSF’s protest.

 Some time ago Pakistan had used unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) at the western area adjoining the international border of India and Pakistan. The UAVs had also taken photos of the Indian border area. Now Pakistan has set up modern integrated surveillance Chinese cameras just 200-300 metres away from Indian the border.
According to information from reliable sources, these cameras have been installed on 15 feet high poles which run on solar panels. There are 20 cameras in Shahgarh Bulj area of Jaisalmer, while 13 cameras have been installed in Gadra, Munabao and Sundara areas in Barmer sector. All the cameras have been hidden between wild growth.

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