Pakistan Army Overhauling Cobra Helicopters

Pakistan Army Aviation base in Rawalpindi has started overhauling helicopters. The first batch of helicopters overhauled at the workshop were viewed by the Army Chief today. It’s the first facility for overhauling helicopters in Pakistan and will help in saving time and foreign exchange spent on helicopters maintenance work.

The helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul workshop has been established with the assistance of Saint Petersburg Aviation Repair Company (SPARC).

he United States on Tuesday expressed its reservations over the reassembly and repair of US-made Cobra helicopters in Pakistan.

According to reports, US authorities communicated their reservations to the Chairman Joint Staff Headquarters regarding the overhauling of the helicopters terming it a violation of the agreement made between the two countries on time of purchase of the helicopters.

Cobra helicopters have played a significant role in military operations in Swat and Tribal Areas.

It has been reported earlier that Pakistan made multiple attempts to acquire spare parts for the helicopters from US but it did not get a positive response from the other side.


Cobra overhauling

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